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The Employee Assistance European Forum – the EAEF – is dedicated to the development of employee assistance and work-life services in Europe. We are a non-profit making organisation that has been working to enhance the professional delivery of workplace and wellbeing solutions throughout Europe since 2002.

EAEF members include individuals and organisations from over 25 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Our members enjoy the opportunity to share expertise, access best practice resources and information, as well as networking with other employee assistance professionals online and in person at our annual conference.

We are a vibrant community of professionals who are keen to learn about different models of work-life support and how best practice from other regions can contribute to their own and their organisation’s development.

New member applications are always welcome, whether you’re new to the field of employee assistance or an expert within your region; we look forward to welcoming you to our community and learning more about your experience of employee assistance.


Kate Nowlan, EAEF President

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Discussion on management consultancy services for managements and support services for employees at international level.

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